The Englewood Summer Theatre Enrichment Program

NOW - August 31st

Working to bring learners dreams to life!

(Grades Pre-K  to 8th)

Janis E.  Dismus Middle School, 320 Tryon Ave, Englewood, NJ

ABOUT ESTEP licensed non profit 501(c)(3) SUMMER Program

Our Background


ESTEP is designed to have a positive impact on kids and young adults cognitive, literacy, emotional and social development through the use of theater productions, and arts-in-education programs; and furthers a lifelong appreciation for the arts. This program is community based and supported by individuals and leaders with strong interest and connections in the arts and education. You get quality at an affordable price, because our future leaders (all children) deserve the best!


Our Medium

For example, when it comes to ART; we use many different mediums, such as painting with clay, acrylics, and pastels. We believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to their  artistic process. Therefore, each individual and idea manifests in its own and individual style. Our program gives several options which allows the learner  to "think out side the box". 

Englewood Public Library

Push- in- Readings provided by the Englewood Public Library 

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Englewood Summer Theatre Enrichment Program

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